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Stainless Steel Flooring Cleats

Simpson strong-tie s16 b200 lct 304 Stainless Steel Flooring cleat 16 ga, x 2 in. Is top-notch for use with Stainless Steel vessels and equipment, this cleat is fabricated of high quality Stainless Steel and features a fasten system for accuracy.

Cheap Stainless Steel Flooring Cleats

These Stainless Steel Flooring cleats are 18-gauge and 1-34 l-style power cleats, they are terrific for a variety of helmet worn activities, such as hand-searches, first-time riders, and those who like to be able to walk away from any dirt or the cleats come in a pack of 1000 nails and are made of Stainless Steel for durability. They come in a pack of 5000 nails and will fit on a power cleat, this Stainless Steel Flooring cleat is unequaled for use on a vehicle's flooring. It is 1-12 16 ga 304 ss l-height inch long and provides an 1- year warranty, it effortless to operate and is sensational for use on a hardwood, carpet, or stone flooring. These 5 boxes of 1000 are 1-12 16-gauge hardwood Flooring l-cleat nails, they are beneficial for Stainless Steel Flooring cleats.