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Antique Brass Cord Cleats

Looking for a stylish and functional cleats for your Antique Brass cord? Look no further! These two cleats are first-rate for any blinds and shades applications, made from solid brass, these cleats are just what you need to keep your goods scouring good and survive the everyday use.

Antique Brass Cord Cleats Amazon

Antique Brass Cord cleats for horizontal blinds are top solution for people searching for coaster or other pleated cellular shades, these clips are made of chrome plated Brass and will make your life much easier. These Antique Brass Cord cleats are valuable for blinds or door handles, they are comfortable and look great. They are practical value as well, they are made of old Brass and are little bit dingy, but they still look good. They are also machine-able, so you can quickly create a top fit, these Brass Cord cleats are unequaled addition to each vehicle! They have a modern look and feel that is top-notch for the restorer or the enthusiast. They are 4 new, 14" long Cord cleats that are splendid alternative for any car.